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Mirra provides different Cuisine, Traditional Tamil, Iyer / Iyengar, Punjabi, Continental, Thai / Chinese, innovative culinary etc. The buffet is the most essential part of any wedding event, as no wedding is complete without them. At your wedding, you need not worry about your guests arriving from different parts of India.

We provide wedding catering services from throughout India, to serve your guests and give them an all Indian feeling. Our chefs are well versed in making a delicious and healthy menu.

We take care of individuals and hence our menus can be customized according to your taste buds.

Car Rentals

Mirra provides Car rentals for Wedding cars and Logisitcs.

Local: We provide taxi cabs, local bus transportation, etc. to all the guests of the wedding as well as a special treatment for the newly wed couple.

Photography & Video

The joy of wedding, the exuberance of the celebration, the spirit of fellowship, the warmth of love, the soothing sound of laughter, all these make a wedding on this earth, unforgettable. Yet it takes the craftsmanship of a talented, experienced candid wedding photographer to capture those moments that can become the talking point for a lifetime. Candid Pictures has a team of professional wedding photographers who will work magic with the lens like you have never experienced or seen before.

Tour Operators

Indian weddings have a huge attendance, because of the deep cultural connections of Indian families. And it is important to take care of guests that are attending a wedding.

Hotel and Resort Bookings: For those close family members, accommodation can be provided at hotels. While considerably expensive than both guest houses and service apartments, guests receive the ultimate in hospitality.

Honeymoon Package: As part of the honeymoon package, the couple is entitled to a fully decorated hotel room, and have access to all hotel facilities.

Add ons

Adding that extra touch to your wedding always makes your day even more special. If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.


Our Wedding Planner’s have a lot of on-site experience, making them efficient in turning your marriage into a gala and luxurious event.

Several events can be performed at the marriage by our anchors and MCs such as narration of bride and groom’s love story, interviewing of family members and a blessing ceremony.

On Stage Snapshots

A picture is worth a thousand words but we think Wedding photo are more than that; it consists of Love, Promise, memory, passion and Joy.

Finding a professional wedding photographer for your wedding can be a difficult task, there is so much choice from a vast range of wedding photography styles and many packages available.

Our professional photographers have great experience in spontaneous photography that unravels the story of the day. The candid photography can be done for wedding, parties and other events.

DJ / Event Recapture

Wedding DJs can impact your entire event like no other vendor. Your wedding day is more than just one big celebration, it is a sequence of special events, each deserving of it's own special place in time. It is the responsibility of wedding DJs to ensure that your event moves smoothly and fluidly from one perfect moment to the next.